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Usability audit

  • Site’s Usability – is a level of comfort in site usage (how user friendly it is).


    Usability-audit  includes both the level of accessibility of all information which is necessary for the customer and the effectiveness of offered commercial information. Therefore, usability-audit aims at uncovering problems in the usage of the site by the customers (users).


    High level of the site’s usability guarantees the achievement of maximum effectiveness of the site with constant (unchanged) promotion budget, i.e. it directly influences the level of conversion (often increasing the sales level exponentially).


    Usability audit is conducted in several stages:


    - analysis of the compatibility (correspondence) of the site to the demands of usability;
    - formulation of the list of shortcomings and weak sides of the site;
    - presentation of the list of recommendations in order to solve the uncovered problems.

  • Uability-audit of the site is useful for any web-based resource, which seeks to reach the maximum level of effectiveness. Usability-analysis directly influences the level of conversion, and therefore is a necessary activity for any commercial resource (site). For example, none of the internet stores reaches maximum pay-off from commercial promotions without an adequate level of usability.


    Please, pay attention to the fact that usability-analysis of site-business card more often than not could do with express-analysis of compatibility of the site with the general requirements (standards) od usability whereas the analysis of a corporate site or internet-shop could require a long-term and careful research of several hundreds of factors, which influence the  effectiveness of similar complex web resources.


    Usability-analysis – is a one-time job, which potentially solves big and small problems of non-effectiveness of a commercial resource.