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Traffic promotion

  • Traffic promotion or traffic SEO is form of cooperation where the payment for promotion takes place on the basis of a count of visitors of your site, who we bring from the search engines. In other words, you pay for not for position in the Top per se, but for the switches (entrances/visits) from searches through the brought to the Top key phrases.


    Despite the fact that traffic promotion in a majority of cases presumes all possible sources of switches (visits), including social networks, advertisements and etc, we are oriented towards the quality, the most convertible traffic, e.g. traffic from Google for the commercial sites in Ukraine and near abroad.


    The count of attracted target visitors takes place by the most transparent method for the client. Specifically, the site is equipped by counters which are available to both sides. Correspondingly, we all receive objective and identical information about paid search traffic. The payments of the traffic promotion takes place according to the total results for each month.


    The basic instruments of traffic SEO are the writing of a large quantity of relevant content (according to the search phrases), internal optimization and increase in the number of citations due to which the Top positions are reached on hundred counts, and more often by thousand of low to medium competitive key phrases.

  • Traffic promotion is suitable in promoting medium and large web projects. Most often, this means internet stores with thousands of products and portals. The key feature of those sites is their multi-page structure and very large semantic nucleus, which consist of thousands, and more often tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of search phrases.


    If the goal of the site promotion is in the first place traffic in itself, there is a large number of visitors and promotion through several dozens or hundreds of searches (inquiries) in the Top potentially will not provide with the desired level of visiting, then the traffic SEO is exactly for you!


    For large internet-stores with thousands and tens of thousands of goods, traffic promotion is the most inexpensive and highly effective instrument to attract target customers, which is much cheaper of context advertising or even classic promotion in Top.


    In the end, traffic SEO is the most transparent form of cooperation, where you pay for the results of “the one before last” step in the work with the potential client right before the purchase.