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SEO audit

  • SEO-audit of a site – it is a complex analysis of functionality and interaction of all programmatic components of the site, their compatibility with the demands of the search engines, testing for mistakes, and also analysis of the dynamic of the site’s position according to the promoted key words.


    Technical part of the analysis includes:


    -      analysis of the correctness of internal re-directs, availability of alias, affiliates, bans;

    -      analysis of the quality of site indexation by the search engines;

    -      analysis of the site’s structure and citations’ interactions of pages (interlinks);

    -      analysis of the issue of content doubling (repetition), meta-data, and addresses of the pages (URL’s);

    -      analysis of mistakes of formatting the instruction file for the search robots (robots.txt);

    -      analysis of the file of fine tuning of .htaccess server;

    -      analysis of the availability of 404 page, etc.


    Analysis of the site positions according to the promotional and/or possible semantic nucleus (list of key phrases) and also general competitiveness of the site demands:


    - to determine positions of the site according to promotional key phrases;

    - to determine positions of the site according to subordinate and related key phrases.

  • In order to achieve a maximum effect from business site promotion in the Internet, the importance of preliminary SEO-audit is hard to overestimate. SEO-audit is designed to uncover weak and strong sides of the site in order to determine the future strategy of promotion.


    The key goal of SEO-audit is uncovering of major mistakes and shortcomings of compatibility of the site with the work of the search engines, determining of the specific list of efforts to be undertaken for internal site optimization.


    SEO-analysis of a site in general aims at determining:


    -mistakes of analyzing the requests by the server,

    -doubling of content and not a unique content overall,

    -doubling of meta-data on the site,

    -ineffective structure of the site and mistakes of internal inter-linkage.

    - mistakes in formatting and etc.


    As a result of SEO audit, you receive a number of recommendations to improve the visibility of your site by the search engines and also a list of improvements to be undertaken for conducting internal optimization. A list of uncovered mistakes along with recommendations for their correction are formulated in the report and are provided to you in the form of an electronic document.