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Last works from the portfolio - internet store of furniture for bijouterie Iz`uminka. - one of the two largest marriage portals in Kharkiv. - site of hotel-restaurant complex Artua. - site of Kharkiv based service of hot lunch office delivery. - site of Kharkiv based dentist clinique Silk. - site of the Kyiv company which conducts sales and installations of solar protection systems. - site of Kharkiv’s tourist agency AnyWay, which offers a wide selection of tours and airway tickets into all directions. - site of Kharkiv’s translation bureau Poligloti which performs translations of any difficulty from the majority of the world’s languages. - internet-store of one of the leaders of Kharkiv region for sales of the systems of A/C and ventilation. - site of one of the largest Kharkiv companies for production and sales of plastic windows and parts. - portal of American service of coupons and deals, one of the largest representative of the industry. - Donetsk based hotel of the European level, which offers its customers exclusive suits with the service of “Luxury” level. - site of the company which makes and composes staircases with metal base, and module and wooden staircases. - site of Kharkiv construction company Dom Domich which builds wooden houses from squared beams. - site of Kharkiv school of SEO, which offers daily and evening SEO courses for directors and managers of varios projects. - site of the Ukrainian office of the Spanish company COBO, which produces tank-cars and half tank-cars. - site of the company providing assistance in the collection of necessary documents and obtaining of foreign travel passports and visas in Kharkiv. - one of the largest internet-stores for electronics and electric appliances in Kharkiv. - specialized Kharkiv medical facility for the treatment of all kinds of women and men sterility. - site of Kharkiv based law-firm Interyust which offers a wide variety of legal consulting services. - trading – business center ArbOOz, a commercial portal with an integrated social network. - site of the Rasko trademark, the leader of sales in plastic systems of pipelines in Eastern Ukraine - site of on of the largest companies that provide autostyling services in Kharkiv.
Site of the company “Earthmen guard the Earth,” which is engaged in a large scale ecologically clean products in Dnepropetrovsk. - Moscow based internet store of sanitary engineering products for home. - site of one of the largest publishing house of methodical, learning and skills development literature in Ukraine Torsing. - site of the Moscow service of flowers delivery as well as flower arrangements and decoration of celebrations. - internet store of materials and accessories. - site of the Kharkiv’s dentist office Implantis. - site of the most popular in Ukraine international studio of nails design – Velena. - site of Kharkiv service which provides assistance to students in writing and defense of important academic work. - site FLP, successfully letting apartments (24 hour rent base).